My Media Product. The London march December 2010

Monday, 11 April 2011

This is my media product, within my final essay I will explain my experiences and explanations of what I achieved whilst taking these photographs. Also I will include other photographers and journalists, that have covered demonstrations and strikes. I will also include one of the marches I attended in in 1986, against the rises of tuition fees, whilst studying and living in York. This is when Thatcher was in power. In comparison to the march that took place in London. I will analyse if any, the difference this made or had any impact at all. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these blogs, that's not to say I think they are good. It has taught me a great deal, such as adding photographs, scanning images and how to post blogs. However I did have a little help to show me how to set up my account from one of my friends. This person will remain anonymous, thank you Lucy, data protection you see. I have been following other peoples posts and found there is a lot of fantastic work out their. My aim is to carry on blogging until I have reached one hundred, blogs that is not my age. I will continue this over the summer break. All in all a fantastic assignment!!.


London March, December 2010. This is a shot from the front line, the crowd were beginning to get agitated and panicky. The atmosphere was really tense, people were sensing some thing was about to happen, The horses are restless and the Police are beginning to communicate with each other. People know there is no were to run when the Police line breaks. there are so many people in the crowd and when the horses come running through, they know this could be a blood bath. The man with the green paint on his head, (bottom left) is looking really worried and concerned. The two Lady's, (middle left) are trying to make there way back, but it is two late. A few minutes after this photograph was taken all hell let loose, the police came charging through on there horses. It was mayhem people were thrown to the floor, hit by the Police and there was a lot of injuries, one police officer was thrown and trampled on by his own horse. His wounds were quite severe, he had multiple back injuries and admitted to the hospital. The use of horses was condemned by the M.O.D., quite rightly so.The use of horses in this situation is so dangerous not only for the public but also for the cruelty of the horses.

Walter Benjanin.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

After reading the book, The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction, by Walter Benjamin. I had to read the few chapters several times. He goes on to say that in the 19th century, photography replaced wood engraving, copper plate and lithography. Photographic reproduction could get images quicker than speech itself. He also says that anything that is man made can be reproducible. One of the gains for this is to make money and also for an implement for teaching. The book for me was not the easiest to read but I did grasp the morals after reading the chapters  several times.

Children hysterical.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

This is one of the most repugnant disturbing images to be broadcast all around the world. The photographer is Nick Ut, Vietnam 1972. We do not want to see graphical images of this nature however they do need documenting. Ut's Image reminds us of the destruction and the stark reality's of war. The decision to cause harm death and destruction like these are made by a small minority of people, people that probably have family's of their own. Society works in mysterious ways, we cause mass destruction and death but yet in peace times we rally around to help others. The Chinese earth quake is an example of this and Iran, etc;. Images like these still fail to change the spoils of war and attitudes after looking at pictures like these. We chose to go to war in the Falkland Islands in 1982, Iraq in 2003, Iran 2011. Again a small minority of people have made these decisions for all the people of the Country. So has I mentioned earlier that images like these need documentation, they still fail to make no impact to a minority.

Valerie Berlin

At the first glance at this photograph, by Valerie berlin (untitled 2001), which first caught my attention, were the eyes of the girl. The whiteness, the purity, they look transparent almost as if they were part of the background of the image. She looks frightened and venerable, her face tells a story. It could be that of her ancestors being manipulated and beaten in barbaric ways, through slavery. You can almost sense a lack of believe within her self due to what took place some generations earlier. Her ancestors who wre treated in the most inhuman circumstances. This appears to give the girl a look of worthlessness. There could appear to be a look of disgust that all of this, was for wealth, greed, power and this is what would lead them to their demise.


This is Lee Friedlander, from his book, Self Portrait. When I first started to read Friedlanders book, I noticed the first half of his book there are no images of his face. There are just shadows on walls, fruit machines, shadows on the back of other people etc;. When I saw this shot I could not believe it was the same photographer. It is a total opposite to the rest of the first part of his book. He has opened himself up like a fish in a bowl. The position of the shot is right in the corner, this is a very prominent spot. Then the lamp stand is positioned to emphasize the bits he wants to show the most. The image is in black and white, this gives it more of a starkness to suit the setting. He is exposing himself to the public, literally. This could be seen has pornographic and offend some viewers.

The Pinnacle Project

Monday, 4 April 2011

These are the work of Kate Mellor, After the lecture in March by Kate I was really in ore of these photographs. Kate is well travelled and has a fantastic display on her web sight.
These are just six from the pinnacle project that she did. What amazes me most of all is that they are taken through pin hole photography. They really do have the 'WOW' factor. If you were to click on the images once and then again  they will enlarge. You will see the stunning photographs a little more closer but a view of Kate's web sight is really recommended. I love the way in which the  images are leading the eye in to picture right the way through to vanishing points. I am going to try pin hole photography very shortly.