Tuesday, 5 April 2011

This is Lee Friedlander, from his book, Self Portrait. When I first started to read Friedlanders book, I noticed the first half of his book there are no images of his face. There are just shadows on walls, fruit machines, shadows on the back of other people etc;. When I saw this shot I could not believe it was the same photographer. It is a total opposite to the rest of the first part of his book. He has opened himself up like a fish in a bowl. The position of the shot is right in the corner, this is a very prominent spot. Then the lamp stand is positioned to emphasize the bits he wants to show the most. The image is in black and white, this gives it more of a starkness to suit the setting. He is exposing himself to the public, literally. This could be seen has pornographic and offend some viewers.


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