Monday, 11 April 2011

London March, December 2010. This is a shot from the front line, the crowd were beginning to get agitated and panicky. The atmosphere was really tense, people were sensing some thing was about to happen, The horses are restless and the Police are beginning to communicate with each other. People know there is no were to run when the Police line breaks. there are so many people in the crowd and when the horses come running through, they know this could be a blood bath. The man with the green paint on his head, (bottom left) is looking really worried and concerned. The two Lady's, (middle left) are trying to make there way back, but it is two late. A few minutes after this photograph was taken all hell let loose, the police came charging through on there horses. It was mayhem people were thrown to the floor, hit by the Police and there was a lot of injuries, one police officer was thrown and trampled on by his own horse. His wounds were quite severe, he had multiple back injuries and admitted to the hospital. The use of horses was condemned by the M.O.D., quite rightly so.The use of horses in this situation is so dangerous not only for the public but also for the cruelty of the horses.


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