Student march, London December 2010

Saturday, 19 February 2011

This is another captured image of the protest in December 2010. This is where most of the action was, I made my way to the police line through hundreds of people. My feet was not on the ground at this point, I managed to raise my arm to get this shot. The police line must have been four to five deep. An arm is raised in anger and hits the policeman with the flat of his hand. This could possibly be that he did not want to hurt his fist on the police mans helmet. It clearly shows the police are not in control at this moment. Just a few moments after this photograph was taken they split the lines and through came the horses. It was absolute chaos at this stage, the crowds split in all directions. I was grabbed and just to be hit by a police batten but managed to struggle free. This was utter madness and stupidity for the use of horses with this volume of people. Not only for the safety of the crowds but also for the horses. After witnessing this unfold I do not know how some one was not killed.


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